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Year: 2018
Runtime: 124 min
Language:Swiss German
Director: Marcel Gisler
Cast: Max Hubacher , Aaron Altaras , Jessy Moravec , Jürg Plüss , Doro Müggler , Andreas Matti , Joris Gratwohl , Scherwin Amini ,
Plot: Two young football players get caught up between the politics of the game and the politics of love.
1 June 2018 (Poland) (default release date)


Genre: Comedy
Director: Stéphane Giusti
Year: Y1999
Country: France, Spain, Switzerland
Language: French
Cast: Amira Casar,Julie Gayet,Bruno Putzulu,Alexandra London,Carmen Chaplin

Camille, Eve, Ariane and Nick are friends who have three things in common: they're all twenty-something, they work together running Lovespace, the Barcelona publishing house they launched, and they're all dependent on Gloria Gaynor's I Will Survive. Although they're openly gay in their everyday lives, only Camille's mother Josepha knows the truth about them all. She and her daughter decide the time has come for the others to tell their parents, too, and organise a weekend house party for a grand collective coming-out. Eve, Ariane and Nick, after some initial hesitation, agree to the plan and Lili, their straight co-worker, who is always asking herself 'why not me?' vis-a-vis her own sexuality, decides to join them. Inevitably, all does not go according to plan. As the revelations begin, the parents are forced to reassess their expectations of, and aspirations for, their children. And it emerges that they have some secrets of their own to air cue humorously scandalous results.

Genre: Comedy, Drama
Director: Lionel Baier
Year: Y2004
Country: France, Switzerland
Language: French , Portuguese
Cast: Pierre Chatagny,Natacha Koutchoumov,Rui Pedro Alves,Khaled Khouri,Mikele D.

Loic, a young, gay man in Switzerland, fills the emotional void of his turbulent sex life with dreams of self-betterment. When a casual but tender encounter with an older guy presents the promise of emotional connection and validation, Loic arrives at one of the most crucial crossroads of his life. Keywords:Friendship,Internet,Factory,Suicide,Soccer

Genre: Documentary
Director: Tomer Heymann
Year: Y2006
Country: Israel, Switzerland, USA
Language: English , Hebrew , Tagalog

After closing the border to Palestinian workers, Israeli authorities sought to fill gaps in the job market by encouraging emigrant workers from other parts of the world. Among those who answered the call were Filipinos in various stages of gender transition. These individuals who see themselves in a female persona, shunned by their families and communities at home, build new lives in Israel as caregivers for elderly, orthodox Jewish men, many of whom come to look upon them as substitute children. On their nights off, the workers perform as a drag queen ensemble, “Paper Dolls,” in Tel Aviv nightclubs. Although the troupe's members enjoy Israel's liberal atmosphere, they are still outsiders and are always treated as such. Tomer Heymann's moving documentary explores the role of immigrant worker in Western culture, and delves into the lives of societal outcasts seeking freedom and acceptance, however tenuous. Keywords:Transvestite,Israel,Elderly,Filipino,Drag Show,Drag Queen,Rejection

Genre: Comedy
Director: Lorenzo Gabriele
Year: Y2002
Country: France, Switzerland
Language: French
Cast: Jean-Claude Brialy,Sabine Haudepin,Antonio Interlandi,Julien Bravo,Elena Noverraz

Jean-Pierre Muller is an intellectual with a quiet life. One day he receives a letter of the Government saying he's been appointed tutor of troubled kid Antoine. He files a request to refuse it but the more he tries to get away from the responsability more he gets involved and has to face important issues in his life.