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Year: 2018
Runtime: 80 min
Director: Annemarie van de Mond
Cast: Majd Mardo , Josha Stradowski , Jenny Arean , Tanja Jess , Nazmiye Oral , Melody Klaver , Sonia Eijken , Mohamad Alahmad ,
Plot: Gewoon Vrienden (Just Friends) is a romantic comedy. The tough Joris doesn't come loose from his mother who is addicted to plastic surgery. Medical student Yad has snorted too much of various drugs and returns to his strict mother. Yad works as a domestic help for the grandmother of Joris. There they meet and they fall in love immediately, but before they can surrender to their love, they first have to balance things with their mothers.

25 May 2019 (Poland) (default release date)


Genre: Drama
Year: 2017
Runtime: 88 min
Country:South Africa,Germany,Netherlands,France
Director: John Trengove
Cast: Nakhane Touré , Bongile Mantsai , Niza Jay , Thobani Mseleni , Gamelihle Bovana , Halalisani Bradley Cebekhulu , Inga Qwede , Sibabalwe Ngqayana , Siphosethu Ngcetane ,
Plot: Eastern Cape, South Africa. A lonely factory worker, Xolani, takes time off his job to assist during an annual Xhosa circumcision initiation into manhood. In a remote mountain camp that is off limits to women, young men, painted in white ochre, recuperate as they learn the masculine codes of their culture. In this environment of machismo and aggression, Xolani cares for a defiant initiate from Johannesburg, Kwanda, who quickly learns Xolani's best kept secret, that he is in love with another man.
Release Date: 2017-04-19
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I Dream in Another Language 
Genre: Drama
Year: 2017
Runtime: 103 min
Director: Ernesto Contreras
Cast: Fernando Álvarez Rebeil , José Manuel Poncelis , Eligio Meléndez , Fátima Molina , Juan Pablo de Santiago , Hoze Meléndez , Norma Angélica , Monica Miguel , Nicolasa Ortíz Monasterio , Héctor Jiménez , José Concepción Macías , Gabriela Cartol ,
Plot: When a language dies, a unique vision of the world is lost forever.
Martin arrives in a remote Mexican village to record a dying, ancient indigenous language. He finds the last two speakers of the language, but they refuse to speak to each other because of a 50 year grudge.

Martin learns the surly Evaristo got into a fight with Isauro because they fell in love with the same woman. Now widowed, Evaristo continues to bitterly avoid the ailing Isauro. Martin and Evaristo’s granddaughter, Lluvia, work to convince the men to reconcile. Perplexed by their intensity when they meet, Martin realizes there is more to the story, and Lluvia finally reveals the secret behind the men’s entanglement. As Isauro’s health declines, Evaristo struggles to come to terms with his feelings, and strange bird calls from deep inside the jungle begin to stir, evoking the mythical origin of their ancestors.
Release Date: 28 July 2017 (USA) (default release date)


Genre: Biography, Drama, History
Director: Rosa von Praunheim
Year: Y1999
Country: Germany, Netherlands
Language: English , German
Cast: Friedel von Wangenheim,Ben Becker,Wolfgang Völz,Otto Sander,Meret Becker

Long before the Stonewall riots, Masters and Johnson or even the Kinsey Report, there was Dr. Magnus Hirschfeld. A gay German Jew living in 19th-century Berlin, Hirschfeld didn't just champion gay rights -- he discovered them. Now Rosa von Praunheim, the firebrand of German Cinema, tells Hirschfeld's story in this lush historical drama -- from his first sexual stirrings to the eradication of his work by the Nazis. Splicing an enthralling story of discovery and romance with a barbed penchant for politics, von Praunheim presents a compelling account of the doctor who founded the first gay political group in 1897 and established the first medical practice for gays, the renowned Institute of Sexual Science, which thrived until Nazi oppression.


Genre: Biography
Director: Paul Cox
Year: Y2001
Country: Australia, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden
Language: English
Cast: Derek Jacobi,Delia Silvan,Chris Haywood,Hans Sonneveld,Oliver Streeton

Dramatization of Russian ballet star Vaclav Nijinsky's diaries which detail his madness as well as his homosexual relationship with Ballet Russe impresario Sergei Diaghilev and his marriage to his Italian wife. Keywords:Ballet,Diary,Dance

Genre: Crime, Biography, Drama
Director: Fenton Bailey, Randy Barbato
Year: Y2003
Country: Netherlands, USA
Language: English
Cast: Seth Green,Macaulay Culkin,Diana Scarwid,Chloë Sevigny,Marilyn Manson

Michael learns the New York party scene from James St. James (Green), who teaches him the "rules of fabulousness", which mostly revolve around attracting as much attention to oneself as possible. Despite James' warning, Alig hosts a party at Limelight, a local club which is owned by Peter Gatien (McDermott), and soon becomes the hottest club in New York, with Alig at the head. Alig is named "King of the Club Kids" and goes on a cross country journey in search of more club kids. Alig and James pick up Angel Melendez (Cruz), Gitsie (Sevigny), and Brooke (Natasha Lyonne). Soon after meeting, Gitsie becomes Alig's new girlfriend. However, after Michael descends further into drug abuse, his life starts to spiral out of control, eventually culminating in his involvement in the murder of Angel. Gitsie and Michael decide to go to rehab and treat it as a "Second Honeymoon", leaving James behind.


Genre: Drama
Director: Gregg Araki
Year: Y2004
Country: Netherlands, USA
Language: English
Cast: Chase Ellison,George Webster,Rachael Nastassja Kraft,Lisa Long,Chris Mulkey

In 1981, in Hutchinson, Kansas, the eight year old boy Neil McCormick is sexually abused by his paedophilic baseball coach and his deranged and promiscuous mother does not pay attention. Meanwhile, the also eight year old Brian Lackey awakes from a brief amnesia of four hours with a bleeding nose, but his negligent father does not pay attention to the event. Brian grows-up believing he had been abducted by aliens. The gay Neil grows-up as a hustler. When Brian is eighteen years old, he looks for and meets Neil, who discloses the dark, innermost secrets of their past. Keywords:Hustler,Alien,Hutchinson Kansas,Alien Abduction,Kansas,Coach,Boy