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Genre: War, Documentary, History
Director: Arthur Dong
Year: Y1994
Country: USA
Language: English
Cast: Salome Jens,Max Col

A historical account of military policy regarding homosexuals during World War II. The documentary includes interviews with several gay WWII veterans.


Genre: Biography, Drama, History
Director: Rosa von Praunheim
Year: Y1999
Country: Germany, Netherlands
Language: English , German
Cast: Friedel von Wangenheim,Ben Becker,Wolfgang Völz,Otto Sander,Meret Becker

Long before the Stonewall riots, Masters and Johnson or even the Kinsey Report, there was Dr. Magnus Hirschfeld. A gay German Jew living in 19th-century Berlin, Hirschfeld didn't just champion gay rights -- he discovered them. Now Rosa von Praunheim, the firebrand of German Cinema, tells Hirschfeld's story in this lush historical drama -- from his first sexual stirrings to the eradication of his work by the Nazis. Splicing an enthralling story of discovery and romance with a barbed penchant for politics, von Praunheim presents a compelling account of the doctor who founded the first gay political group in 1897 and established the first medical practice for gays, the renowned Institute of Sexual Science, which thrived until Nazi oppression.


Genre: Biography, Drama, History
Director: Gil Portes
Year: Y2000
Country: Philippines
Language: Filipino , Japanese , Tagalog
Cast: Dolphy,Eric Quizon,Jeffrey Quizon,Tony Bueno,Ricci Chan

Walter Dempsey Jr. a gay man in his twilight years, grew up in the war-torn Philippines during WWII, a time of great unrest and injustice. Watching a harrowing film on Filipino “comfort women”, women forced into prostitution to satiate Japanese soldiers stirs deep memories in Walter, aka Markova, of his own days as a “comfort gay”. While talking to a reporter Markova flashes back to those hard years; from his short-lived freedom following the death of his homophobic, abusive brother to his capture, escape and revenge on Japanese soldiers for their carnal brutality, followed by the American Liberation and the start of a lifetime of healing. His intensely personal story traces the scars imprinted on a country struggling to come to terms with its past and a man struggling to survive in a society that refuses to accept him for who he is. Keywords:Japanese Occupation,Japanese Soldier,Male Rape,Gay Character,Sexual Abuse,Japanese Army,Gay Teenager

Genre: Romance, Drama, History
Director: Bernardo Bertolucci
Year: Y2003
Country: France, Italy, UK
Language: English , French
Cast: Michael Pitt,Eva Green,Louis Garrel,Anna Chancellor,Robin Renucci

The sensual tale of three film lovers whose casual friendship evolves when their passion for movies becomes a passion for each other. A scintillating tale directed by Academy Award winner Bernardo Bertolucci.


Genre: Romance, Drama, History
Director: Ha Yu
Year: Y2008
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Cast: Jin-mo Ju,Ji-hyo Song,In-seong Jo,Hong Jong-Hyeon,Hyeon-woo Kim

The King is married to Yuan Dynasty princess (Song Ji-hyo), but they do not have any children. There is constant pressure on the King both from the Yuan emperor and the Goryo Kingdom to produce a crown prince and ensure the continuity of its royal dynasty. The King finally decides to charge his bodyguard and lover, Hong-lim, with a strange commission: make love to the Queen and beget a child. Hong-lim and the Queen are uncomfortable accepting the royal order, but they finally comply. However, their relationship does not stop at procreation, but a true love bursts into flowers between the two, and in this intimate relationship there is no place for the King. Keywords:Bodyguard,Jealousy,Impotence,Impalement,Revenge,Love Triangle,Royalty

Genre: Biography, Drama, History
Director: Gus Van Sant
Year: Y2008
Country: USA
Language: English
Cast: Sean Penn,Emile Hirsch,Josh Brolin,Diego Luna,James Franco

Upon moving to San Francisco from New York City in 1972, forty year old Harvey Milk gains focus in his life as a gay activist in the city's Castro district. Gay rights activism turns to political activism as Milk decides he can be a more effective voice for the gay community as a politician, elected or not. Through several elections and losses both for a city seat and a state assembly seat, Milk becomes the first openly gay man in the United States to be elected to political office when he wins a San Francisco supervisor seat in 1977. His many political battlefronts include one with the national anti-gay Save the Children crusade, led and fronted by singer Anita Bryant. Closer to home, Milk has a continuing struggle with his fellow supervisor, Dan White, a staunch social conservative.
Keywords:Gay Rights,Activist,Election,Flashback

Genre: Thriller, Drama, History
Director: Nagisa Oshima
Year: Y1999
Country: France, Japan, UK
Language: Japanese
Cast: Takeshi Kitano,Ryuhei Matsuda,Shinji Takeda,Tadanobu Asano,Yoichi Sai

Set during Japan's Shogun era, this film looks at life in a samurai compound where young warriors are trained in swordfighting. A number of interpersonal conflicts are brewing in the training room, all centering around a handsome young samurai named Sozaburo Kano. The school's stern master can choose to intervene, or to let Kano decide his own path. Keywords:Samurai,Japan,Androgyny,Execution,Kendo