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Genre: Drama
Director: Thanasis Papathanasiou, Michalis Reppas
Year: Y2003
Country: Greece
Language: Greek
Cast: Nena Menti,Maria Kavoyianni,Akilas Karazisis,Joys Evidi,Alexis Georgoulis

A small Greek town is the setting for a delirious black comedy combining early Almodovar with Dynasty to achieve a twisted tale of dubious morality, infidelity, and murder. Magda’s family seems fairly average: she dotes on her attractive 20-year-old son, Christos, while daughter Giota and her husband Stelios live upstairs. The potential redevelopment of a piece of family-owned land serves as a catalyst for Giota and Stelios’ greed. The menacing Stelios’ discovery of a clandestine homosexual affair between Christos and an older land redevelopment official puts the youth at the epicenter of their blackmail plot. But Christos may have plans of his own...

Aka:Blackmail Boy


Genre: Drama
Director: Andrew Haigh
Year: Y2009
Country: UK
Language: English , Greek
Cast: Peter Pittaros,Lewis Wallis,Robert Day,Tristan Field,Barry Robinson

Greek Pete is a film by director Andrew Haigh and was shot for over a year with guys working within and around the sex industry. The story is a representation of their world, blurring the boundary between fiction and documentary, giving an authentic and intimate insight into the boys’ lives. Honest, non-judgmental, and sometimes explicit, the film offers a portrait of a sub-culture hidden from view. http://greekpetefilm.com/ Keywords:Escort,Rent Boy,Client,Love,Underwear,Cigarette Smoking,Internet

Genre: Crime, Drama
Director: Constantine Giannaris
Year: Y1998
Country: Greece
Language: Greek , Russian
Cast: Stathis Papadopoulos,Costas Kotsianidis,Panayiotis Hartomatzidis,Dimitris Papoulidis,Theodora Tzimou

The 'Edge of the City' means Menidi, a poor suburb on the edge of pulsating Athens (the city). Menidi harbours many Cosssack Greeks. They are also called 'pontios', ethnic Greeks from the Black Sea dispersed through the ex-Southern Soviet Union in the Stalin era. The 'pontios' have returned to Greece en masse after the demise of the USSR. The parents speak mostly Greek, but the teenage children speak a hybrid Russian-Greek language which reflects their lack of identity and marginalization in Greece's highly xenophobic society (the only EU country where no minorities exist!...officially). The teenagers' marginalization leads them to the core of the film's theme: the lives of petty crime and prostitution which these second or third class Greeks lead. Their camaraderie, the way they mock each others' dealing in homosexuality, their sexual and criminal exploitation by rich Greeks, their own exploitation of prostitutes, sexual and moral ambiguity all lead to the film's defining!