"Marcel Gisler"
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Year: 2018
Runtime: 124 min
Language:Swiss German
Director: Marcel Gisler
Cast: Max Hubacher , Aaron Altaras , Jessy Moravec , Jürg Plüss , Doro Müggler , Andreas Matti , Joris Gratwohl , Scherwin Amini ,
Plot: Two young football players get caught up between the politics of the game and the politics of love.
1 June 2018 (Poland) (default release date)


Genre: Romance, Drama, Music
Director: Marcel Gisler
Year: Y1998
Country: France, Switzerland
Language: French
Cast: Frédéric Andrau,Vincent Branchet,Urs Peter Halter,Jean-Pierre von Dach,Ulrich Bodamer

Clean cut 16 year old Beni is a Zurich high school student just itching for an alternative life. That opportunity comes when he goes to a rock concert where he falls madly in love with Fogi, the dangerously attractive lead singer of The Minks. With looks suggesting a thuggish Keanu Reeves, the 26 year old Fogi surprisingly takes to the cute, but coltish youth. He hires him as a roadie and the two begin a wild sexual attraction that hardens into love and devotion for Beni but wears off for the soon bored Fogi.