"New Zealand"
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Genre: Romance, Drama
Director: Garth Maxwell
Year: Y1998
Country: New Zealand
Language: English
Cast: Rena Owen,Dean O Gorman,Simon Prast,Nancy Brunning,Sophia Hawthorne

Katie knows. She's been there. It was the end of the '70s: She was a sharp little chick in hotpants, with guest spots on "The Love Boat" and No. 1 in the US for a week! Today she's still got that voice and her fabulous looks; oozing sensuality and an acquired air of sophistication. But it's a fragile façade, she knows it's not going to last. She needs to reinvent herself. It's time to go home, revisit her roots. Stephen's always handy when you need a reality check - you can't bullshit your best mates. He's her 'lodestar', the only person she allows herself to lean on. They've rescued each other in the past, perhaps they can save themselves once more. Stephen can't wait for her to arrive. He's been playing all her old hits, much to the bemusement of his younger friend Mark, a hip songwriter with heaps of potential. But while Mark's interest has been piqued by this starlet from Stephen's past, he's busy hanging out with some other musicians right now. Keywords:Recording Studio,Aging,Alcohol,Gay Relationship,Pot Smoking