Gay Themed Movies Review Trailer Stroy Synopsis

Genre: Comedy, Drama
Director: Miguel Albaladejo
Year: Y2004
Country: Spain
Language: French , Spanish
Cast: Jose Luis Garcia Perez,David Castillo,Empar Ferrer,Elvira Lindo,Arno Chevrier

Pedro, a gay man with an active social life and big circle of friends, takes in his nephew Bernardo for a couple weeks. When it appears as though it might become a permanent arrangement, however, Pedro turns to his friends for guidance as he and 9-year-old Bernardo begin to forge a household together.

Cachorro / Bear Cub (2004) - Movie Trailer

Gay Themed Movies Review Trailer Stroy Synopsis
Aka: Gime Me Your Hand
Genre: Drama
Director: Pascal-Alex Vincent
Year: Y2008
Country: France, Germany
Language: English , French , Spanish
Cast: Alexandre Carril,Victor Carril,Anaïs Demoustier,Samir Harrag,Katrin Saß

Twin 18-year-olds hitchhike to their mother's funeral in Spain. The journey changes their lives forever.

Fr: Antoine et Quentin, frères jumeaux de 18 ans, décident, à l'insu de leur père, de se rendre à pied en Espagne afin d'assister aux funérailles de leur mère qu'ils ont peu connue. La route va mettre à nu leurs différences de manière insoupçonnée.


Gay Themed Movies Review Trailer Stroy Synopsis
aka: Love Songs
Genre: Romance, Musical, Drama
Director: Christophe Honore
Year: Y2007
Country: France
Language: French
Cast: Louis Garrel,Ludivine Sagnier,Chiara Mastroianni,Clotilde Hesme,Gregoire Leprince-Ringuet

Julie's boyfriend Ismael lives with her; rather than worry about the time he spends with his colleague Alice, Julie invites Alice to join them. The three walk the streets of Paris, party, read, and sleep together. Sometimes it's lighthearted, sometimes there are jealousies. Then death strikes. In various ways, those left come to terms with the departure and absence of a loved one: showing concern, eating together, attempting new relationships, trying to 'be there' for the other. Then, the spirit returns and new commitments are possible. The romantic elements of musical comedy play in contrast to the ambivalence of the lyrics and the story.


Gay Themed Movies Review Trailer Stroy Synopsis
Genre: Romance, Drama
Director: Aluisio Abranches
Year: Y2009
Country: Brazil
Language: English , Portuguese , Spanish
Cast: Júlia Lemmertz,Fábio Assunção,Jean Pierre Noher,Louise Cardoso,Lucas Cotrin

Two brothers develop a very close relationship as they are growing up in an idyllic and happy family. When they are young adults their relationship becomes very intimate, romantic, and sexual. L'histoire d'amour inconditionnelle entre Francisco et Thomas, deux demi-frères. Le film, se déroulant à Rio de Janeiro et Buenos Aires, raconte leur enfance dans un environnement familial aimant et leur arrivée à l'âge adulte lorsqu'ils réalisent la vraie nature des sentiments qui les lient.