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Genre: Romance, Drama
Director: Károly Esztergályos
Year: Y2006
Country: Hungary
Language: Hungarian
Cast: László Gálffi,Dávid Szabó,Éva Kerekes,Ádám Lux,Ilona Nagy

Men in the Nude tells the story of Tibor, a middle aged writer who steps out on
his wife to pursue an on-again off-again affair with a young male prostitute,
Zsolt. Tibor claims that Zsolt has "awoken something in himself" and uses this
awakening to try and revive his suffering writing career. Consumed with lust
and the thrill of their secret relationship, Tibor continues to pursue Zsolt even
as he begins to slowly ruin every aspect of Tibor's life.

With raw, emotional visuals, Men in the Nude allows us to peer into
unconventional lives and watch their severe outcomes. This tragic story of love
and loss, paints a devastating picture of what happens when we alienate those
who love us in search of a greater destiny.

Aka: Men in the nude
Keywords:Youth,Husband Wife Relationship