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Genre: Romance, Comedy, Drama
Director: Robert I. Douglas
Year: Y2005
Country: Finland, Iceland, UK
Language: Icelandic
Cast: Bjorn Hlynur Haraldsson,Helgi Bjornsson,Arnmundur Ernst Bjornsson,Lilja Nótt ?órarinsdóttir,Sigur?ur Skúlason

"Eleven Men Out" centers on Ottar Thor, the star of KR, the Icelandic soccer team. After he surprisingly comes out of the closet to a reporter in front of his teammates, the controversy surrounding his coming out leads him on a journey to discovery himself, and a journey off the KR team. He soon joins an amateur team made up of other gay men trying to play in a straight world. In the ultimate culmination of hard work and heartache, the KR team and the amateur squad wind up battling it out on the field during Gay Pride Day.


Genre: Biography
Year: 2017
Runtime: 115 min
Director: Dome Karukoski
Cast: Jakob Oftebro , Werner Daehn , Pekka Strang , Lauri Tilkanen , Jimmy Shaw , Jessica Grabowsky , Şorsteinn Bachmann , Troy T. Scott ,
Plot: Touko Laaksonen, a decorated officer, returns home after a harrowing and heroic experience serving his country in World War II, but life in Finland during peacetime proves equally distressing. He finds peace-time Helsinki rampant with persecution of the homosexual and men around him even being pressured to marry women and have children. Touko finds refuge in his liberating art, specializing in homoerotic drawings of muscular men, free of inhibitions. His work - made famous by his signature 'Tom of Finland' - became the emblem of a generation of men and fanned the flames of a gay revolution.
Release Date: 24 February 2017 (Finland) (default release date)
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Genre: Comedy
Year: 2017
Runtime: 100 min
Director: Nils-Erik Ekblom
Cast: Mirja Oksanen , Juho Keskitalo , Valtteri Lehtinen , Marlene Dumas , Mikko Kauppila , Sami Huhtala , Jukka Federley , Kaisa Saarakkala ,
Plot: Seventeen year old Miku is “just some dude” devoid of personality, at least according to his brother.
After a party-turned-rager that destroys his home, Miku is doomed to spend the rest of the summer at their family cottage, where both his parents avoid dealing with their own budding relationship crisis.
But the calm of the Finnish countryside takes a turn for something strange when Miku meets Elias. The boys have nothing in common except for their age and dysfunctional families. But something is pulling them together.
Miku finds himself in the eye of the storm as Elias forces him to deal with his repressed sexuality, all the while Miku’s parents marriage heads towards destruction. Elias has his own baggage to deal with and finds it easier to just discard Miku from his life instead of starting another broken romance.
Miku has had enough. For once, it’s time for him to take charge of his own life.



Genre: Comedy, Drama
Director: Aleksi Salmenperä
Year: Y2004
Country: Finland, Sweden
Language: Finnish
Cast: Minna Haapkylä,Kari-Pekka Toivonen,Minttu Mustakallio,Tommi Eronen,Pekka Strang

Longtime couple Venla and Antero come to a serious impasse. After years with Antero, Venla wants to start a family, but her boyfriend, worried that parenthood will stifle his speed-skating career, secretly gets a vasectomy. Determined to have a child, Venla seeks help from a female fertility doctor, a decision that breeds new possibilities for the prospective mother when she falls in love with the doctor. Aka:Producing Adults Keywords:Parenthood,Lesbian,Gender Roles