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Year: 2018
Runtime: 102 min
Director: Sridhar Rangayan
Cast: Mona Ambegaonkar , Ananth Narayan Mahadevan , Devansh Doshi , Arpit Chaudhary , Yamini Singh , Abhay Kulkarni , Veena Nair , Disha Thakur ,
Plot: While gay rights and marriage equality has been embraced by most countries, a small town in Southern India lives within a cocoon of traditions and social morality. In such a milieu when a young gay man Kartik, comes out to his mother Vasudha, her entire world comes crashing down. She has no one to turn to dispel her fears and doubts, to understand her loving son's truth. Moreover as a woman, trapped within a patriarchal conservative society, her biggest challenge is to deal with her dogmatic husband Damodar, and the conservative society around her. 'Evening Shadows' is a universal story about a mother-son bonding and its emotional strength to withstand the ravages of time and harsh realities.
11 January 2019 (India) (default release date)


Genre: Comedy
Director: Gary Sinyor
Year: Y1998
Country: India, UK
Language: English
Cast: Peter Ustinov,Prunella Scales,Georgina Cates,Samuel West,Robert Portal

Set in 1908, Stiff Upper Lips chronicles the adventures of Agnes Ivory (Prunella Scales), a dotty spinster living with her niece Emily (Georgina Cates) in a Victorian gothic monstrosity near a railway stop called Ivory's End. Already 22, Emily is still unmarried, thanks to her impossibly high standards. Unluckily for Emily, her idiot brother Edward (Samuel West) has a Cambridge chum, Cedric (Robert Portal), whom Aunt Emily judges a perfect match. Emily finds Cedric's endless references to Homer, stiff mannerisms and preposterous mustache repulsive and rejects her aunt's designs on him. Her romantic interest lies instead with George (Sean Pertwee), a local socialist rabbit catcher who rescues her from drowning, alerted to her plight by Cedric's calls for help in Latin. Both fascinated and repelled by his lower class ways, Emily gets to know George better when her aunt hires him to accompany the family to Italy, where his main duty is to carry a crate of English turf and spread it wherever the family stops to have tea. After seeing Italy, the travelers are off to India for a stay with Cedric's great-uncle Horace, a dissolute tea plantation owner in India. Peter Ustinov, an Oscar-winner for Topkapi and Spartacus, plays Horace, a romantic reprobate and colonial magistrate who takes kangaroo courts to new heights. The charm of the mysterious East works its wonders on the six protagonists, who find true love in their own eccentric, very British way-Uncle Horace falling for Aunt Agnes; Cedric and Edward professing their love for each other; and Emily and George finally tying the knot. Prunella Scales and her son, Samuel West, can claim firsthand knowledge of this spoof's accuracy as both acted in Howards End -- as the patrician Aunt Juley and the proletarian Leonard Bast, respectively. In fact, West sees no need to play the upper class for laughs. "The wonderful thing about the British aristocracy in 1910," he told the London Independent, "is that so many of the things they do are ridiculous anyway. Their rules about etiquette and behavior are so extreme as to be self-parodying, so the straighter you play them, the funnier they are." Keywords:Sexual Awakening,Class Conflict

Genre: Comedy, Drama
Director: Mahesh Dattani
Year: Y2002
Country: India
Language: English
Cast: Rinke Khanna,Darius Taraporewal,Veena Sajnani,Ankur Vikal,Atul Kulkarni

This heartfelt drama begins when gay fashion designer Kamlesh, reeling from a recently ended relationship, invites a group of friends for dinner for a special announcement. The situation reaches a boiling point when Kamlesh’s sister arrives with her new fiancé, a man with an explosive secret. From there the action whips into a frenzy as sexual tensions build and skeletons fly out of the closet. Keywords:Friendship,Fashion Designer,India,Closeted

Genre: Romance, Drama
Director: Sridhar Rangayan
Year: Y2006
Country: India, UK
Language: English
Cast: Premjit,Jack Lamport,Prateek Gandhi,Ikhlaq Khan,Ajai Rohilla

Two best friends, Ravi and Paul, go on vacation to India where they attend an all night, eye-opening gay sex party. Surprised by the openness of their hosts and the aggressiveness of the guests, the boys fall into the steadily growing Indian gay culture. Ravi is especially bitten hard as he falls for the good looking but deeply closeted Mani. Will caste, economics and customs allow these two love birds a happy ending or will the forces of tradition and homophobia keep them apart? Fueled by flirting, erotic performances and open sex, “Yours Emotionally” is a revealing film about the growing Indian gay community. The camera lingers over the hot bodies of Indian men and never shirks from giving gay men a sexuality seldom seen from this part of the world. Sirdhar Rangayan uses both traditional and experimental film techniques to build a story of love, compassion and truth in a society that is only now beginning to accept gay people for who they are. Keywords:India,AIDS,Transsexual

Genre: Drama
Director: Sridhar Rangayan
Year: Y2007
Country: India
Language: Hindi
Cast: Mouli Ganguly,Joy Sengupta,Jayati Bhatia,Zafar Karachiwala,Uday Sonawane

Coming from a country like India that is still in denial, where being HIV+ is still a curse, '68 Pages' rips open the underbelly of its society to reveal how it stigmatizes and shuns those who are HIV+ or even those who just want to be what they are. Through 68 Pages of a counselors diary, we see the stories of Paayal, a sex worker; Nishit, an ID user; Kiran, a gay man and Umrao, a transsexual bar dancer - their stories of pain and fear, humiliation and rejection - not only by the society, but even by their loved ones. While these stories expose the shallowness of the system, it also offers hope and healing by trying to bring about a better understanding of their fight to live with dignity. The film is a tribute to the human spirit of optimism and survival. Keywords:Transsexual,India,Sex Worker,Trust,Digit In Title,Queer,Counsellor