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Genre: Romance, War, Drama
Director: Eytan Fox
Year: Y2002
Country: Israel
Language: Hebrew
Cast: Ohad Knoller,Yehuda Levi,Assi Cohen,Aya Steinovitz,Hani Furstenberg

Yossi is a serious and strong-featured commander; Jagger is his free-spirited and boyishly handsome charge. They are both soldiers in the Israeli army, and they are in love. Based on a true story, YOSSI JAGGER portrays their secret love, set in a remote army base along the Israeli-Lebanese border. In a time of strife and uncertainty, Yossi and Jagger find hope in their unforgettable and emotionally charged romance. Keywords:Israeli,Soldier,Army

Genre: Documentary
Director: Sandi Simcha Dubowski
Year: Y2001
Country: France, Israel, USA
Language: English , Hebrew , Yiddish
Cast: Shlomo Ashkinazy,Steve Greenberg,Nathan Lopes Cardozo,Naomi Mark,Shlomo Riskin

Trembling Before G-d, a look at gays and lesbians in Hasidic and Orthodox Judaism. Made over several years in New York, California, Israel, Britain, and Florida, the film follows the lives of several people struggling to express both their faith and their sexuality. In L.A., pianist David is an Orthodox gay man who has been through over ten years of therapy to supposedly "cure" his homosexuality. He visits the Chabad rabbi whom he first came out to over 20 years before. Michelle is a Hasidic lesbian who lives in Brooklyn. Having married only to please her family, she's been ostracized from her community ever since the divorce. Also in Brooklyn, Israel is a gay man who's abandoned much of his Hasidic life and hasn't seen his father in over 20 years. In London, twentysomething Mark is a the son of an Orthodox rabbi. He came out during a trip to Israel, which was supposed to rid him of his sexual questioning. Some participants prefer to remain anonymous or at least slightly obscured, including a lesbian couple who met in Hebrew school and an ultra-Orthodox closeted lesbian. Keywords:Jew,Lesbian,Love,Orthodox Jew

Genre: Documentary
Director: Tomer Heymann
Year: Y2006
Country: Israel, Switzerland, USA
Language: English , Hebrew , Tagalog

After closing the border to Palestinian workers, Israeli authorities sought to fill gaps in the job market by encouraging emigrant workers from other parts of the world. Among those who answered the call were Filipinos in various stages of gender transition. These individuals who see themselves in a female persona, shunned by their families and communities at home, build new lives in Israel as caregivers for elderly, orthodox Jewish men, many of whom come to look upon them as substitute children. On their nights off, the workers perform as a drag queen ensemble, “Paper Dolls,” in Tel Aviv nightclubs. Although the troupe's members enjoy Israel's liberal atmosphere, they are still outsiders and are always treated as such. Tomer Heymann's moving documentary explores the role of immigrant worker in Western culture, and delves into the lives of societal outcasts seeking freedom and acceptance, however tenuous. Keywords:Transvestite,Israel,Elderly,Filipino,Drag Show,Drag Queen,Rejection

Genre: Drama
Director: Haim Tabakman
Year: Y2009
Country: France, Germany, Israel
Language: Hebrew , Yiddish
Cast: Zohar Shtrauss,Ran Danker,Tinkerbell,Tzahi Grad,Isaac Sharry

Aaron, a respectable butcher in Jerusalem's ultra-orthodox Jewish community is married to Rivka and is a dedicated father of four children. One day, he meets Ezri, a handsome twenty-two year old student, and soon falls in love with him. He then starts to neglect his family and community life, swept away by his love and lust for Ezri. But guilt, torment and pressure from the community will catch up with him, leading him to make a radical decision.
Keywords:Jewish,Jerusalem,Children,Infidelity,Rainstorm,Face Slap