"Tae-won Kwon"
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Genre: Romance, Drama, History
Director: Ha Yu
Year: Y2008
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Cast: Jin-mo Ju,Ji-hyo Song,In-seong Jo,Hong Jong-Hyeon,Hyeon-woo Kim

The King is married to Yuan Dynasty princess (Song Ji-hyo), but they do not have any children. There is constant pressure on the King both from the Yuan emperor and the Goryo Kingdom to produce a crown prince and ensure the continuity of its royal dynasty. The King finally decides to charge his bodyguard and lover, Hong-lim, with a strange commission: make love to the Queen and beget a child. Hong-lim and the Queen are uncomfortable accepting the royal order, but they finally comply. However, their relationship does not stop at procreation, but a true love bursts into flowers between the two, and in this intimate relationship there is no place for the King. Keywords:Bodyguard,Jealousy,Impotence,Impalement,Revenge,Love Triangle,Royalty