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Genre: Comedy
Director: Joel Lamangan, Eric Quizon
Year: Y1998
Country: Philippines
Language: Filipino , Tagalog
Cast: Lorna Tolentino,Eric Quizon,Albert Martinez,Alvin Anson,Caridad Sanche

Marriage minded, working class girl, Annie is determined to snag Ron, a fellow employee as her husband. One night after a wild office party Annie gets her chance and seduces a drunken Ron in his car. A month later Annie is pregnant and ready to move in. There is only one problem with Annie’s plan, Ron already has a mate, Nick. Soft Hearts is a charming and subtle treatment of sexual differences. Filled with quirky humor and fabulous characters it makes you reconsider the definition of the word family. Keywords:Closeted,Philippines

Genre: Biography, Drama, History
Director: Gil Portes
Year: Y2000
Country: Philippines
Language: Filipino , Japanese , Tagalog
Cast: Dolphy,Eric Quizon,Jeffrey Quizon,Tony Bueno,Ricci Chan

Walter Dempsey Jr. a gay man in his twilight years, grew up in the war-torn Philippines during WWII, a time of great unrest and injustice. Watching a harrowing film on Filipino “comfort women”, women forced into prostitution to satiate Japanese soldiers stirs deep memories in Walter, aka Markova, of his own days as a “comfort gay”. While talking to a reporter Markova flashes back to those hard years; from his short-lived freedom following the death of his homophobic, abusive brother to his capture, escape and revenge on Japanese soldiers for their carnal brutality, followed by the American Liberation and the start of a lifetime of healing. His intensely personal story traces the scars imprinted on a country struggling to come to terms with its past and a man struggling to survive in a society that refuses to accept him for who he is. Keywords:Japanese Occupation,Japanese Soldier,Male Rape,Gay Character,Sexual Abuse,Japanese Army,Gay Teenager

Genre: Comedy, Drama
Director: Joel Lamangan
Year: Y2004
Country: Philippines
Language: Filipino , Tagalog
Cast: Kris Aquino,Eric Quizon,Tonton Gutierrez,Gloria Diaz,Cogie Domingo

Talkative Lianne (KRIS AQUINO) and colorful gay Osmond (ERIC QUIZON) become fast friends when they meet at the first Gay Pride Parade in Malate in the early 80s. For the next thirty-plus years of their lives, theyll do everything together, whether its eating, shopping, discussing life and even looking for the perfect man! So inseperable are their pair that even their mothers, played by GLORIA DIAZ and NOVA VILLA respectively, become best friends too. Keywords:Title Based On Song