Genre: Drama
Director: Haim Tabakman
Year: Y2009
Country: France, Germany, Israel
Language: Hebrew , Yiddish
Cast: Zohar Shtrauss,Ran Danker,Tinkerbell,Tzahi Grad,Isaac Sharry

Aaron, a respectable butcher in Jerusalem's ultra-orthodox Jewish community is married to Rivka and is a dedicated father of four children. One day, he meets Ezri, a handsome twenty-two year old student, and soon falls in love with him. He then starts to neglect his family and community life, swept away by his love and lust for Ezri. But guilt, torment and pressure from the community will catch up with him, leading him to make a radical decision.
Keywords:Jewish,Jerusalem,Children,Infidelity,Rainstorm,Face Slap


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