Genre: Romance, Drama
Director: Christian Faure
Year: Y2000
Country: Belgium, France
Language: French
Cast: Cyrille Thouvenin,Stéphan Guérin-Tillié,Eva Darlan,Caroline Veyt,Danièle Denie

Cute and happy-go-lucky Laurent is open about being gay to everyone - except his family. He pretends that best friend Carole is his girlfriend while dodging questions from his prying parents. This double life however soon becomes unbearable when Laurent falls in love with the dashing Cedric, who has lived his life as a gay man for many years and adamantly refuses to live in anyone's closet. Laurent’s desperate attempt to remain ‘heterosexual’ for his parents’ sake threatens to turn Cedric away forever - that is until the person who cares most for these two young men steps in, reuniting friends, family and lovers in a heartwarming showdown. Keywords:Hepatitis,Bar,Accident,Nursery,Closeted


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