Genre: Romance, Comedy, Drama
Director: Aisling Walsh
Year: Y2000
Country: UK
Language: English
Cast: Steve John Shepherd,John Simm,Laura Fraser,Maurice Roëves,Ger Ryan

A riveting character study of one man's conflict between his repressed sexuality and a passionate love for another man, this uncompromising look at sexual identity and the bonds of friendship powerfully traces the tumultuous journey towards self-acceptance. The handsome, macho David (Steve John Shephard) is a construction worker in South London. Visiting Soho for casual sexual encounters, David is unable to admit to himself or anyone else that he is gay. That includes Theo (John Simm), his straight best mate whom David secretly loves. It takes an appearance on the TV show Forgive and Forget to set David on the road to accepting himself - but at what price? In this insightful, hard-hitting drama, sexual tensions build and secrets are bared to lay the path to redemption, understanding and liberation. Keywords:Friendship,Photographer,Jealousy,Plasterer



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