Genre: Drama
Director: Joao Pedro Rodrigues
Year: Y2005
Country: Portugal
Language: Portuguese
Cast: Ana Cristina de Oliveira,Nuno Gil,João Carreira,Teresa Madruga,Carloto Cotta

Pedro and Rui have been lovers for a year and they make vows of endless love. But then Pedro has a brutal car accident and dies in Rui's arms. All by himself, Rui feels hopeless and lost, with no taste for living. However, the love of Pedro and Rui is eternal. Odete works as skate-stewardess in a supermarket. When Odete insists in getting pregnant, her lover, Alberto, runs away. All by herself, Odete lives in a delusive world. Her dream of having a baby becomes an obsession. When she gets home, Odete sees Pedro's mother, Teresa, leaving to mourn her son. Odete hardly knew Pedro, an upper-floor neighbour, but, in a sudden impulse, she dresses in black and follows her into the funeral chapel. Her sadness for Alberto's break up makes her weep Pedro's death. Odete transfers to the dead boy's body her sorrow for Alberto's disappearance and sinks into illusion. Pedro's phantom is calling her… Keywords:Obsessive Lover,Funeral,Portugal,Loss Of Son


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