Genre: Drama
Director: Tim Kirkman
Year: Y2005
Country: USA
Language: English
Cast: Kip Pardue,Michael Kelly,Tess Harper,Adrian Lee,Tammy Arnold

A young gay drifter and his search for acceptance drives this heartfelt, beautifully crafted tale of family, rejection and unconditional love. In a North Carolina beach town, lonely motel manager, George (Michael Kelly), befriends a new arrival: the attractive vagabond, Michael (Kip Pardue). While claiming to be in town to protect the endangered Loggerhead turtles, Michael may actually be running away from something. Elsewhere in NC, preacher’s wife Elizabeth (Tess Harper) notices that a pair of gay men has just moved across the street. Elizabeth is appalled by this and another recent neighborhood development, but her feelings are masking an even deeper disturbance. Another woman, Grace (Bonnie Hunt), is also coming to terms with a deep down pain – she gave up a child for adoption many years ago. So she comes back to her hometown with hopes – and help from a pseudo-detective – to find him. Keywords:Drifter


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