Genre: Drama
Director: Antony Cordier
Year: Y2005
Country: France
Language: English , French
Cast: Johan Libéreau,Salomé Stévenin,Florence Thomassin,Jean-Philippe ecoffey,Claire Nebout

Mickael (sensational young discovery Johan Libéreau), a judo fanatic with working-class parents, has a pretty girlfriend named Vanessa (Salomé Stévenin of CLARA'S SUMMER), whom he has known all his life. Nouveau-riche Clément (popular French teen actor Pierre Perrier) also loves judo. An uneasy but powerful attraction begins as Clément helps Mickael lose a drastic amount of weight for an upcoming meet. Vanessa, at first wary of Clément, begins to enjoy his company. As part of a complex set of sacrifices and emotional revelations, the three teenagers begin an intimate encounter that leads to a life-changing sexual experience for all. The most affected is Mickael, who comes to realize that his obsession with sport may hide darker issues concerning his family and his place in the world. Keywords:Coach,Nurse,Shower,Springroll,Drunkenness,Oral Sex


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