Genre: Romance, Drama
Director: Jacques Nolot
Year: Y2007
Country: France
Language: French
Cast: Jacques Nolot,Jean-Pol Dubois,Marc Rioufol,Bastien d'Asnières,Gaetano Weysen-Volli

Pierre (Nolot) is a one-time gigolo reflecting on a life of wild parties, multiple boyfriends and hedonistic impulses in present day Paris. His attempts to complete a book are constantly derailed by numerous visits from hustlers and a heavy writer’s block. Embarking on a series of visits to see friends old and new, Pierre attempts to piece together memories of the past and future prospects, all through the lens of an ever deepening solitude. He and married, closeted friend Jacques (Pommier) compare the price of flesh and gossip about financial security. Psychiatrist Manosky (Kessler) listens to his complaining about the endless medication he must take. He tells lunch partner Paul (Rioufol) that his rich benefactor passed away without leaving him anything in his will. Finally, it is a discussion about the desires of rent boy Marc (d'Asnières) that lead Pierre’s life in a totally different, but not entirely unexpected, direction.



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