Genre: Drama
Director: Yair Hochner
Year: Y2005
Country: Israel
Language: Hebrew
Cast: Daniel Efrat,Yuval Raz,Nili Tserruya,Ori Urian,Tomer Ilan

Seventeen year old Meni, is a hot, stylish and clever hustler who works a regular clientele in Tel Aviv. One night a voyeuristic john enlists him and and another boy, Tal, to work together. The experience proves to be more than just another simple trick. Something stirs in both Meni and Tal, a feeling that neither of them ever expected. Can two boys living in the sordid world of sex for pay make a go of it? They agree to meet the next night at the local disco but plans go awry. A hook on speed, Meni's baby and the turmoil of the big city life all combine to keep the boys apart. Stirring and intensely sexy with an unexpected emotional depth, "GOOD BOYS" holds no punches in portraying the seediness and violence of the drug and sex fueled world that Meni and Tal inhabit.
Keywords:Prostitute,Rent Boy,Hustler



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