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Aka: The Man Who Loved Yngve
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Music
Director: Stian Kristiansen
Year: Y2008
Country: Norway
Language: Norwegian
Cast: Rolf Kristian Larsen,Arthur Berning,Ida Elise Broch,Ole Christoffer Ertvåg,Jørgen Langhelle

It's November 1989, and the Berlin Wall is falling. In Stavanger, Norway, teenage boy Jarle has a great new girlfriend and is starting a rock band with his buddies. But when a new boy, the synth pop-listening Yngve, joins his class, Jarle is more fascinated than he wants to be, and the world as he knows it starts to crumble.

Det er november 1989. Muren faller i Berlin og på Kongsgård
videregående skole i Stavanger er Jarle Klepp uvitende om at alt snart
skal forandre seg. Enn så lenge har han alt; verdens beste kjæreste og
verdens kuleste kompis.

November 1989. The
Berlin wall collapses. In Stavanger town, Jarle Klepp has no idea that
everyting is about to change. So far he has got everything; the best
girlfriend in the world, and the world's coolest buddy.


Genre: Drama
Director: Joel Lamangan
Year: Y2009
Country: Philippines
Language: Filipino , Tagalog
Cast: Paolo Serrano,Joash Balejado,Marco Morales,Gwen Garci,Paolo Rivero

Rodel supports his schooling by working nights as a masseur at the Heavenly Touch Spa, which offers more than massage to its clientele. When he discovers that Jonard (Joash Balejado), a former classmate for whom he has secret romantic feelings, is in dire need of a job, Rodel teaches him basic massage skills and brings him to the spa.

Heavenly Touch Trailer

Genre: Drama