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Genre: War, Documentary, History
Director: Arthur Dong
Year: Y1994
Country: USA
Language: English
Cast: Salome Jens,Max Col

A historical account of military policy regarding homosexuals during World War II. The documentary includes interviews with several gay WWII veterans.


Genre: Romance, War, Drama
Director: Eytan Fox
Year: Y2002
Country: Israel
Language: Hebrew
Cast: Ohad Knoller,Yehuda Levi,Assi Cohen,Aya Steinovitz,Hani Furstenberg

Yossi is a serious and strong-featured commander; Jagger is his free-spirited and boyishly handsome charge. They are both soldiers in the Israeli army, and they are in love. Based on a true story, YOSSI JAGGER portrays their secret love, set in a remote army base along the Israeli-Lebanese border. In a time of strife and uncertainty, Yossi and Jagger find hope in their unforgettable and emotionally charged romance. Keywords:Israeli,Soldier,Army

Genre: War, Documentary
Director: Johnny Symons
Year: Y2008
Country: USA
Language: English

ASK NOT is a rare and compelling documentary film that explores the effects of the US military’s “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy on gay and lesbian soldiers and service members. The film exposes the tangled political battles that led to the discriminatory law and examines the societal shifts that have occurred since its passage in 1993. Current and veteran gay soldiers reveal how “don’t ask, don’t tell” affects them during their tours of duty, as they struggle to maintain a double life, uncertain of whom they can trust. The film also explores how gay veterans and youth organizers are turning to forms of personal activism to overturn the policy. From a national speaking tour of conservative universities to protests at military recruitment offices, these public events question how the U.S. military can claim to represent democracy and freedom while denying one segment of the population the right to serve. Keywords:Activism,Soldier,Gay Soldier,Don't Ask Don't Tell,Coming Out,Queer,Lesbian,Army