"Suzan Anbeh"
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Genre: Comedy, Drama
Director: Oskar Roehler
Year: Y2004
Country: Germany
Language: English , German
Cast: Martin Weiß,Moritz Bleibtreu,Herbert Knaup,Katja Riemann,Tom Schilling

The Tschirn brothers have their share of problems. Middle brother Hans-Jörg is a librarian who neglects his duties in order to ogle every attractive woman that enters his workplace. His clumsy efforts to make conversation with them go nowhere. He takes his fetishistic peeping a step further, following women into the ladies room so he can sit in the next stall and pleasure himself while he spies on them. Older brother Werner , a successful Green Party politico, would seem to be a bit more together, but his home life is in shambles. His wife, Signe, no longer responds to his marital advances, and seems to have an unhealthily intimate relationship with their rebellious teenage son, Ralf , who spends much of his time trying to videotape his father's every embarrassment. Younger brother Martin has had a sex change and become Agnes. Agnes is a good-natured person, but profoundly unhappy, perhaps stemming from his unfulfilled relationship with an American fashion designer . But Hans-Jörg blames all of their problems on their father, Günther, and can't even bring himself to visit the old man. Keywords:Librarian,Politician,Nudity,Family Relationships,Father Son Relationship,Transexual,Voyeurism