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Genre: Animation,Biography,Comedy
Year: 2017
Runtime: 107 min
Country:Czech Republic,Slovakia
Director: Marta Novà¡kovà¡
Cast: Aneta Langerová , Viktorie Cermáková , Pavel Zednícek , Zuzana Fialová , Sabina Remundová
Plot: ANNA ALEXANDROVNA BARKOVA (1901-1976) Journalist and poet, meeting suspicious characters. Involved in immoral love affairs. Work in the Kremlin, fired. 1934 - Arrested, 5 years of penal servitude in Karaganda. Lived in Ukraine during the WWII. 1946 - Arrested, 5 years of penal servitude in the Komi Republic. 1956 - Rehabilitated, disability pension. 1957 - Arrested, 10 years of penal servitude. The film 8 Heads of Madness is about the eternal struggle between the artist and external circumstances, the artist and her demons and longings. 8 Heads of Madness is a drama woven from fragments of an appalling era. An unhappy cross-section of the 20th century in an unhappy country, as seen through the sensitive, perceptive vision of a poet.
Aka: 8 Heads of Madness
Release Date: 12 October 2017 (Czech Republic) (default release date)
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Genre: Comedy
Director: Vladimír Adásek
Year: Y2000
Country: Slovakia
Language: Slovak
Cast: Martin Keder,Marta Zuchová,Lucia Hurajová,Patrícia Jariabková,Vladimír Adásek

In spite of being surrounded by a large family and many friends, eighteen year old Martin feels completely forlorn. In the tangle of crazy relationships he is looking for someone on his own wavelength, someone who, like himself, is different. Martin’s only refuge is the apartment of his eccentric neighbor, Theodora, an amateur photographer who helps Martin sift through the responses to his personal ads. Slowly Martin is drawn to Hanna and Her Brothers a local cabaret where Hanna is a man with a secret, the same one that Martin shares. Keywords:Drag Queen,Coming Out