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Genre: Romance, Drama
Director: Stanley Kwan
Year: Y2001
Country: China, Hong Kong
Language: Mandarin , Russian
Cast: Ye Liu,Jun Hu,Bin Li,Huatong Li,Shuang Li

LAN YU is based on the controversial, anonymously published Internet novel “Beijing Story,” which chronicles the turbulent gay relationship between a closeted middle-aged businessman and a young college student amid the violent uprising of Tiananmen Square. Filmed entirely underground on location in China, the much-honored LAN YU was an Official Selection at the Cannes, Toronto and Sundance Film Festivals. Keywords:Student

Genre: Romance, Comedy, Crime
Director: Rolf Silber
Year: Y1996
Country: Germany
Language: German , Russian
Cast: Christoph M. Ohrt,Carin C. Tietze,Tim Bergmann,Oliver Stokowski,Rudolf Kowalski

Regular Guys is a refreshingly witty German comedy that takes a tongue-in-cheek peek at the complexities of relationships - gay, straight and somewhere in-between. Christoph (Christoph M. Ort), a macho cop, goes on a bender after his fiancée throws him out of the house. After waking in the arms of the very cute and very naked Edgar (Tim Bergmann), a gay auto mechanic, Christoph's world is immediately changed.