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Genre: Comedy, Drama
Director: Daniela Féjerman, Inés París
Year: Y2002
Country: Spain
Language: Czech , Spanish
Cast: Leonor Watling,Rosa Maria Sarda,María Pujalte,Silvia Abascal,Eliska Sirová

Sofia, a renowned pianist, is long separated from the daughters’ father. It is on the occasion of her birthday that she delivers her stunning announcement: she has fallen in love again. Clearly smitten, she begins to describe her new lover: somewhat younger…also a pianist. The daughters, thrilled and eager to hear more, are interrupted by the doorbell. To their surprise, it’s Mom’s new girlfriend. Keywords:Lesbian,Homophobia,Coming Out,Family Relationships

Genre: Drama
Director: Ventura Pons
Year: Y1999
Country: Spain
Language: Catalan
Cast: Josep Maria Pou,Rosa Maria Sarda,Mario Gas,David Selvas,Irene Montalà

Jaume Clara, a brilliant and accomplished professor of medieval literature, should be enjoying the fruits of a life of hard work and achievement, but he is beset with failing health and distraught over a passionate fixation on his beautiful, intelligent but withdrawn student, David. When a response to an anonymous call-boy's ad unexpectedly brings David to his door, Jaume forgoes the tempting opportunity for easy sex with his student and instead hatches an elaborate and dangerous plot to manifest his deep love, one which risks his career, his friendship with a beloved colleague, and the possibility of cruelty and violence at the hands of heartless David. The two men's mismatched passions and their well-matched intellects make for a feverish war of wills, one from which neither one will survive unharmed. aka:Beloved/Friend Keywords:

Genre: Comedy, Crime
Director: Juan Flahn
Year: Y2007
Country: Spain
Language: Spanish
Cast: Pepon Nieto,Pablo Puyol,Concha Velasco,Rosa Maria Sarda,Carlos Fuentes

Murders, steamy bathhouses, and loveably sexy characters set the stage for comedy and melodrama in Spain's "gayborhood." Evoking the comic insanity of early Pedro Almodóvar, Boystown is a raucous farce about an outlandish murder/mystery plot and the gay couple caught up in the middle of it all. Sinisterly handsome Victor, a real estate agent in Madrid's gentrifying, candy-colored “gayborhood,” hides a wicked little secret – he murders old ladies then flips their renovated flats to upwardly-mobile gays. When bearish working class lovers Rey and Leo inherit the latest victim’s apartment, they move Rey’s acerbic mother in. Now it’s up to an eccentric detective, her sexually confused son and the unwitting couple to uncover the murderous scheme before he strikes again. Keywords:Gay Couple,Serial Killer,Gay Character