"P. Lynn Johnson"
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Genre: Thriller, Mystery, Crime
Director: Ron Oliver
Year: Y2005
Country: Canada, USA
Language: English
Cast: Chad Allen,Sebastian Spence,Jack Wetherall,Woody Jeffreys,Sean Young

A gay private eye Donald Strachey (chiseled Chad Allen of "Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman" fame) is hired to investigate violent attacks against John Rutka, an infamous publisher hell-bent on “outing” New York’s prominent elite. Even with a hunch that the threats may be staged, Strachey takes the case for its sizable fee. But when Rutka’s charred remains turn up, the hard-nosed detective is lured into a web of deceit and powerfully tangled enemies. Fortunately, with his witty lover Timmy on his arm, Donald might be able to save the day with humor, charm and a little gunplay. Keywords:Detective,Dancer,Bar,Mirror,Singer