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Genre: Drama, Horror
Director: Jason Paul Collum
Year: Y2005
Country: USA
Language: English
Cast: Judith ODea,Brinke Stevens,Sean Michael Lambrecht,Jeff Dylan Graham,Jerod Howard

So what's this all about? To repeat our tagline, OCTOBER MOON is "A Drama of Horrific Proportions... You've Never Seen Anything Like It..." How is that true? Well, it's one of the first gay-themed horror films, weaving its story through the lives of three gay men and how an obsession between them leads to deadly consequences for them and those around them. While other gay-themed terror tales have begun to pop up in recent times, OCTOBER MOON is neither slasher-based nor relishing in beefcake shots. It is a drama which slowly and eerily evolves into a horror film. Though exaggerated in several aspects, it is based upon real people and real events and conversations. In other words, Corin, Jake, Elliot, Marti, Nancy and Elliot's mother, Mrs. Hamilton, all really exist... we just had to change some names to keep from the legal issues thing.... Keywords:Rage,Jealousy,Obsession,Sexual Fantasy