"Martin Donovan"
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Genre: Comedy
Director: Don Roos
Year: Y1998
Country: USA
Language: English
Cast: Christina Ricci,Martin Donovan,Lisa Kudrow,Lyle Lovett,Johnny Galecki

At 16, Dedee Truitt (Christina Ricci) knows a lot about life... maybe too much. She runs away from her troubled Louisiana home to live with her half-brother Bill (Martin Donovan) and turns his quiet existence upsidedown. Bill is a dedicated and caring English teacher in a small Indiana town who happens to be gay. He has been left independently wealthy after his lover died and is trying to resurrect his life with a new boyfriend, Matt (Ivan Sergei). Lucia (Lisa Kudrow), Bill's sexually-repressed best friend and late lover's sister, distrusts the newcomer and tries to protect Bill. Her suspicions are confirmed when Dedee, being drawn to Matt's good looks and easy going manner, lures Bill's boyfriend into abandoning his gay lifestyle to be with her. This unusual love triangle is further complicated when Dedee reveals she is pregnant and Matt is the father. She then persuades Matt to steal $10,000 of Bill's money and to hide out with her in Los Angeles. For insurance, Dedee also steals the ashes of Bill's deceased lover and threatens to dump them if Bill comes looking for Matt and Dedee. Keywords:

Genre: Comedy, Drama
Director: Brian Dannelly
Year: Y2004
Country: USA
Language: English
Cast: Jena Malone,Mandy Moore,Macaulay Culkin,Patrick Fugit,Heather Matarazzo

"Good girl" Mary (Jena Malone) and her domineering best friend, Hilary Faye (Mandy Moore), are starting their senior year at the top of the social food chain at American Eagle Christian High School - that is until Mary's boyfriend tells her he thinks he might be gay.

When Jesus appears to her in a vision, she heeds his message to "do everything she can to help him" and, to her horror, she ends up pregnant. Suddenly, Mary begins to question everything she's believed in, and Hilary Faye and her devoted "disciples" (including Heather Matarazzo) turn against her.

As an outcast, Mary finds herself alone until she's befriended by the school's other pariahs: Hilary Faye's cynical, wheelchair-bound brother, Roland (Macaulay Culkin); the principal's skater heart-throb son, Patrick (Patrick Fugit); and the high school's lone Jew, an exuberant rebel named Cassandra (Eva Amurri).

In this sweetly subversive comedy, a group of outsiders band together to navigate the treacherous halls of high school and make it to graduation, ultimately learning more about themselves, finding faith in unexpected places, and realizing what it truly means to be Saved!