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Genre: Drama
Director: Marco Filiberti
Year: Y2003
Country: Italy
Language: English , Italian
Cast: Marco Filiberti,Urbano Barberini,Alessandra Acciai,Rosalinda Celentano,Francesca d'Aloja

He’s massively rich, wildly successful, unbelievably gorgeous, and utterly idolized by his sort-of boyfriend Claudio (Claudio Vanni). But is he actually happy? Reconnecting with his brother Federico (Urbano Barberini) at the funeral of their father, Riki discovers the meaning of family as his brother not only comes to accept Riki and his lifestyle, but actually helps Riki to adopt a young boy who has suddenly entered into his life. Keywords:France,Pornstar,Funeral,Italy

Genre: Drama
Director: Marco Filiberti
Year: Y2009
Country: Italy
Language: Italian
Cast: Alessandro Gassman,Maria de Medeiros,Massimo Poggio,Michela Cescon,Christo Jivkov

A group of friends rent a magnificent house by the sea to spend the summer together. The unexpected arrival of Shary and Diego's son David sets something off in everyone, especially Matteo, an accomplished psychoanalyst who is married to Francesca. David's lonely and enigmatic uncle Leonard senses the reasons behind the dangerous tension, hidden beneath layers of silence and friendly banter. This vacation will indelibly mark everybody's life.

Un gruppo di amici affitta una casa nell'incantevole promontorio del Circeo per passare insieme l'estate.
improvviso di David, figlio di Shary e Diego, scatena una tensione
crescente che sembra travolgere tutti e in particolare Matteo, un
affermato psicanalista, sposato con Francesca. Leonard, l'enigmatico e
solitario zio del ragazzo, sembra intuire le cause del disagio,
nascoste sotto uno strato sempre più spesso di omertà e ipocrisia.
La vacanza segnerà indelebilmente il destino dei personaggi e svelerà il senso delle loro esistenze.
Keywords:Psychoanalyst,Summer,Record Player,Reference To Alexandre Dumas,Masturbation,Sacrifice,Dancing,Reading