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Genre: Romance, Comedy, Crime
Director: Michael Satzinger
Year: Y2006
Country: Austria
Language: German
Cast: Franz Robert Ceeh,Mischa Fernbach,Dominik Hartel,Margot Hruby,Rochus Millauer

Jannis, a cute, young gay man, and his adorable mute boyfriend, Patrick, infiltrate a circus to shoot an undercover documentary exposing an underground political conspiracy responsible for a recent spate of assassination attempts. But when Patrick meets Mo, a young woman whose sensitivity to sunlight forces her to live by night, Jannis’ jealousy threatens the entire project. Only Patrick’s unwavering devotion to the man he loves will help save the day and reveal the truth of who is behind the conspiracy. Set in a not so distant future “Whispering Moon” is visually stunning like nothing seen before it. Blending media, narratives and skin to tell an enticing story about storytelling the film uses cutting edge techniques to move the plot along. As we see the story unfold, Jannis, the storyteller, interacts with the characters and their environments, creating an eye-catching visual landscape that challenges the audience even as it entertains. Keywords:Stolen Clothes,Shower,Frog,Nudity,Video Manipulation,Video Camera,Teen