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At Ease - A Short Film by Ryan Slattery
Genre: Short Drama

Year: 2010

Runtime: N/A

Director: Ryan Slattery

Cast: Robert Schwalbach DJ Smolinsky Jonah Priour Sam Linden

Plot:After a young Naval Aviator (Kevin) is killed in action just days before he was set to be discharged for being gay, his lonely, angry father (Bill) and his partner (Tyler) cross paths. Tyler, also a Navy officer, comes to tell the bigoted Bill the truth about his son, as he too finally begins to be honest with himself. They both struggle with reconciling their individual pasts with Kevin’s enduring legacy, and fight to achieve a most basic need: freedom.


Official Sites: Facebook Page &, Director Ryan Slattery Vimeo Page  

Angora Ranch

Year: 2006

Runtime: 96 min

Director: Paul Bright,

Cast: Paul Bright,Tim Jones,Peggy Mae Binn,Kyle Evans

Plot: Only two things stand between Justin and Jack falling in love - their fathers "Angora Ranch" is a sweet, heartfelt movie about love that transcends age, stereotypes and meddlesome family.



Full Movie: Paul Bright (Silly Bunny Pictures) Official Youtube Channel
Altitude Falling

Year: 2010

Runtime: 93 min

Director: Paul Bright,

Cast: Heath Allyn,Matt Beene,Peggy Mae Binn,Paul Bright

Full Movie: Paul Bright (Silly Bunny Pictures) Official Youtube Channel



Year: 2008

Director: Jeff Erbach,,,

Cast: Matthew Charles Burnett, David LaDuca, Patrick Henderson, Cynthia Schiebel, Peggy Mae Binn

Plot: The fun loving guys at a small town leather bar are in for trouble when the local preacher sets her sights on their little patch of heaven. She'll do anything to frighten her flock into donating more generously and only the outrageous antics of adrag queen can stop her. http://paulbrightfilms.com/

Full Movie: Paul Bright (Silly Bunny Pictures) Official Youtube Channel


Genre: Comedy, Drama
Director: Peggy Rajski
Year: Y1994
Country: USA
Language: English
Cast: Brett Barsky,Judy Kain,John Lizzi,Jonah Rooney,Stephen Tobolowsky

Trevor’s world comes crashing down when his true feelings for Pinky are discovered. Mocked by classmates and branded a “fairy”, Trevor is shunned by his new best friend and attempts to kill himself in a scene that is both heart-wrenching and darkly funny. But as played by Brett Barsky, Trevor is no victim. You can be certain that his enthusiasm and developing sense of self will see him through.