"Donald Farmer"
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Genre: Romance, Comedy, Crime
Director: Donald Farmer, Edward Jordon
Year: Y2004
Country: USA
Language: English
Cast: Skye Aubrey,Jamey Schrick,J.R. Jones,Trish Dempsey,Gunvant Patel

Bhuvan Bannerji a Hollywood tour bus driver is “straight but confused”. Delilah Leigh, an aging, has-been scream queen who hasn’t made a film in over 2 decades, is the focus of his infatuation. He becomes obsessed with the idea of whisking Delilah off her feet and on to a set back home in “Bollywood”. After writing “the greatest comeback movie of all time” a tribute to all those 1960’s horror flicks that gave new life to the careers of Bette Davis and Joan Crawford, Bhuvan knocks on Delilah’s door. He meets Delilah, just as gorgeous as ever, and her assistant Delia. The young bus driver finds himself attracted to the actress, but imagine his surprise when he realizes that “she” is really Devin, the real Delilah’s son, in drag! Keywords:Kidnapping,Hostage