"Ana Stefanovic"
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Genre: Drama
Director: Eva Urthaler
Year: Y2005
Country: Austria, Germany, Italy
Language: German
Cast: Elisabetta Rocchetti,Ludwig Trepte,Sergej Moya,Georg Friedrich,Birgit Doll

Sebastian and Paul are two teenage troublemakers that spend their time drinking, stealing and beating people up. It’s the thrill, the sense of testing their limits... and the wolf-like nature deep inside that attracts them to each other. From the outset, Sebastian emerges as the dominant figure in the pair, because he always wants to go one step further than Paul. One day they abduct 30-year-old Sonja and drag her back to an abandoned factory. But now what should they do with her? Paul becomes more distant with Sebastian as he starts to feel attracted to Sonja, trying to help her as much as possible. While Sebastian, not admitting even to himself that he has fallen in love with Paul, feels hurt and jealous... and becomes capable of anything. Keywords:Teen,Crime,Murder