Year: 2019
Runtime: 89 min
Director: Rosa von Praunheim
Cast: Heiner Bomhard , Bardo Böhlefeld , Christian Dieterle , Maksim Djadjov , Janina Elkin , Marina Erdmann , Malte Kalweit , Katy Karrenbauer ,
Plot: The feature film Deadly Drops is freely told according to the court records of journalist Uta Eisenhardt.
It is the authentic case of a gay serial killer who killed three gay men with an overdose of KO drops in 2012 within three weeks and tried to kill two men. After the conviction, he took his own life in the cell.
The main actors are Bozidar Kocevski from the Deutsches Theater and Heiner Bomhard, who also made the music.
8 June 2019 (Spain) (default release date)



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