Genre: Comedy

Year: 2016
Runtime: 87 min
Director:Tim Kirkman
Cast: Drew Barr , Lucas Near-Verbrugghe , Michaela Watkins , Aaron Costa Ganis , Debbie Jaffe , Michael Rubenstone , Harrison Givens , Renée Willett , Simon Petrie ,
Plot: When Dean, a graphic designer in Los Angeles, notices a sudden change in his vision, an ex-love from 15 years earlier contacts him unexpectedly in hopes of rekindling their relationship. When the two meet at a vacation house in the desert near Joshua Tree, secrets are revealed and passions rekindled that threaten to upend both of their lives. Forty-eight hours later, neither will ever be the same.


Theatrical Trailer

LAZY EYE written and directed by Tim Kirkman | starring Lucas Near-Verbrugghe, Aaron Costa Ganis and Michaela Watkins. Produced by Todd...


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