Genre: Drama

Year: 2013

Runtime: 110 min

Director: Hilton Lacerda

Cast: Jesuita Barbosa Ariclenes Barroso Rodrigo García Johnny Hooker

Plot:One of the main stars of the team is Paulete, with whom Clécio maintains a friendship. One day, Paulete receives a visit from his brother-in-law, the young Fininha, which is in the army. Enchanted by the universe created by the Chão de Estrelas, he is soon seduced by Clécio. It won't take long for them to engage into a torrid relationship, which puts him in a dubious situation: while increasing the bounds with the troupe members, he needs to deal with the existing repression of the army during the dictatorship
1978. While the military coup that assaulted Brazil in 1964 starts to teeter, we follow a romance involving an 18 years old soldier and the cultural ringleader of an anarchist cabaret. ...




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