Genre: Thriller

Year: 2013

Runtime: 62 min

Director: Tor Iben

Cast: Niklas Peters Lynn Femme Urs Stämpfli Maxim Albert

Plot: While searching for a condo for his father in Berlin, Nick meets a young photographer named Phillip, whom he quickly befriends and moves in with. Through Phillip, Nick meets Lilli, an aspiring actress. Quickly and easily, before any of the three has noticed it, they become intimate on multiple levels; drawn into each other creating a world of their own, where the outside world seemingly plays an ever-decreasing role. Increasingly Phillip and Lilli fall for Nick’s charm. They withdraw themselves into their own world of feelings and lust, where the outside loses its significance. They have yet to realize that they let themselves be sucked into romantic killer’s insidious plot. Off.Facebook Page




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