Genre: Drama

Year: 2006

Runtime: 104 min

Director: Todd Verow

Cast: Brad Hallowell Gregory J. Lucas Hilary Mann Michael Dion

Plot:You grow up fast in the Capehart projects in Bangor, Maine. There was always some new terror happening close by. A woman smothering her baby because she thought it was the Anti-Christ, maybe she was right- who are we to judge. It wouldn't surprise me if the anti-Christ were born here, or Christ, for that matter. There was the guy who burned down his apartment because his family wouldn't let him watch his favorite Christmas special- which of course is the only logical thing to do. And then there was the woman who killed her husband and cut him into 15 pieces- "just to make sure." There was the woman who lived next door who was found sitting in her car naked with her throat slit ear to ear and her hands on the wheel, her eyes wide open, and now this




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