Genre: Drama

Year: 2008

Runtime: 105 min

Director: Todd Verow

Cast: Robert Axel Gil Bar-Sela Theodore Bouloukos Mathew Chase

Plot: After being accepted into a prestigious New England art school, sexy small-town Joe (TIM SWAIN) and townie mastermind Jennifer (JULIA FREY) quickly join forces. They are determined to succeed on a campus over-populated with jaded mega-rich kids awash in trust funds, abortions and drugs galore. Both are forced into work-study jobs to satisfy their tuition responsibilities- but soon discover more profitable ways to supplement their scholarships through Creative Shoplifting 101 and Remedial Male Prostitution.
When Joe eventually falls for enigmatic hustler Ramon (GIL BAR-SELA), and Jennifer gets mistakenly caught up in a bad drug deal- their little world starts to spin too fast for them to continue to control. The gritty education they are receiving on the city streets is just as important as the intensely focused, competitive training in their classrooms. Extra credit question: Will they graduate from both?




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