Genre: Drama
Director: George Hickenlooper
Year: Y1999
Country: USA
Language: English
Cast: William Hurt,Nigel Hawthorne,Miranda Richardson,Irène Jacob,Ewan Stewart

It's a carnival atmosphere along the banks of the Mississippi as the race for Governor of Missouri runs close but with good looks, money and fierce ambition, Blake Pellarin (William Hurt) possesses the edge. That is, until an attractive news correspondent (Irene Jacob) sends him spinning at the mention of a name Raymond Romero and a discarded mentor (Nigel Hawthorne) resurfaces with an incriminating photo. The agendas of his wife (Miranda Richardson), his lover and his enemies swirling around him, Pellarin must now embrace a dark past to assure a bright future in the top seat at the White House...t Keywords:Political,Remake,Closeted


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