Genre: Comedy, Horror, Fantasy
Director: Will Gould
Year: Y1998
Country: UK
Language: English
Cast: Boy George,James Layton,Lee Williams,Margaret Towner,Rita Davies

In the cozy English village of Kromer, where few things are as feared as the werewolves who wander the surrounding forests and fields, two young and handsome wolves, Seth and Gabriel, meet and fall in love. Although their habits and appearance are essentially human - except for the pointed ears, coats of fur and bushy tails - the wolves are considered outcasts and a dangerous menace to the village folk. Seth and Gabs roam the fringes of Kromer, keeping their fur and friendship out of sight. But certain townspeople, afraid of those different from themselves, devise a fiendish plot to pin a murder on the hated and feared wolves. The local priest - himself a bit lycanthropic - stirs up and angry mob that pursues the young prey to the end. This tale of young love fighting the hypocrisy of an older generation, combined with elements of the classic British murder mystery, gives the film a rich and lively texture, and allows the character's diversity to show interesting contrasts. Our young wolves and their pack are urbane, glamorous and clubby but live in a world that is far from a metropolis. Their world is in fact a timeless world of waterfalls, lakes and valleys. In contrast, the village folk live an outward life of church going and piousness yet have evil on their minds. Keywords:Boy George


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