Genre: Documentary, Drama
Director: Elfe Uluc
Year: Y2012
Country: Turkey
Language: Turkish
Cast: Feride Cetin,Engin Altan Duzyatan,Meliksah Yardimci
Ayse, who is at her, 50s is a garbage-picker for twenty years. She has chosen to be a woman under his male physiology, and had prostituted herself when younger. She donates her earnings from waste-picking to charity, especially to mosques and Turkish Army Foundation. That’s why, he was nicknamed the Saint by her neighbors. Saving herself from being homeless by squatting a deserted building years ago, Ayse lives with the paranoia that her neighbors closely watch her to occupy her house.
Elif, is a young beautiful woman at her early thirties. She lives in Istanbul which is a city being watched by security cameras all the time and works at a media company which closely observes people’s privates lives. Elif’s boyfriend Murat is a musician who has studied abroad and who cannot find what he looks for in Turkey. Both Elif and Murat are in a period at which they seek themselves and they have difficulties understanding each other.
Elif meets Ayşe by coincidence. Immediately attracted to her courage and his comfort in his skin, she starts a documentary about Ayse. Murat does not like this change nor does he understand. He sees Elif’s change as a threat to their relationship. To grab Elif’s attention back, Murat lies to he has been offered to give a concert. However, Elif, under the influence of Ayşe and other transvestites she has met during the process, feels that she has found the woman inside. Grown more mature from her recent experiences, she concurs that Murat does not understand her, and leaves him. With a strange coincidence, Murat really gets a gig offer. Ayse’s existence triggers a change for both of them.
In the meanwhile, Elif tries enough so that the municipality gives the rights of the squat house to Ayse. Upon Elif’s efforts, Ayse’s house is registered to her until she dies. After living for a while quite ordinarily without any paranoias, one day she wears her orange color shiny costume and goes back to the streets. She leaves the keys of her house at her neighborhood.


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