Genre: Romance, Comedy, Drama
Director: Joan Bibiloni, Joan Bibiloni, Buika
Year: Y2000
Country: Spain
Language: Spanish
Cast: Concha Velasco,Georges Corraface,Silke,Carlos Fuentes,Mercè Pons

At Kilometer Zero-the very center of Madrid-relationships begin, love blossoms and lives intersect as 14 people looking for sex, romance or anything in-between come together in a passionately exuberant sex farce. The story follows a series of chance meetings, missed connections and mistaken identities that soon give way to unexpected erotic interludes, hot-and-bothered sexual escapades and romantic couplings. From a fresh-faced aspiring director who becomes involved with a prostitute, to a gay dance instructor whose computer sees more action than he does, to an older woman who seeks a male escort for the first time, Km.0 is a fast-paced, inventive and stylish comedy. Keywords:Spain,Gigolo,Flamenco,Date


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