Genre: Comedy, Drama
Director: Max Mitchell
Year: Y2000
Country: USA
Language: English
Cast: Blayn Barbosa,John Barkworth,Jason Boegh,Jim J. Bullock,Patience Cleveland

A charming comedy in which a gay couple meet their match when they become foster parents to two precocious juvenile delinquents. Psychotherapist Phil (Cameron Watson) and lawyer Eric (Anthony Meindl) make the perfect California gay couple with their gorgeous Beverly Hills home, youthful, finely toned bodies and numerous friends, life couldn't be more satisfying. But what is missing is a family, so the two decide on adoption. But instead of the infant the two wished for, they instead are awarded temporary custody to two street-savvy, trouble-prone boys. This quite funny tale pits gay male narcissism with the hair-pulling rigors of raising kids. Brother eight-year-old Brian and twelve-year-old T.J. have been bouncing around from foster home to foster home, and just before being placed in a group home, find themselves at Phil and Eric's an alien world of wealth, liberalism and homos! For Phil and Eric, their gay pool parties, fine dining and playful sex all stop with the arrival of the boys. And when things are at its worse, the kid's alcoholic hooker mom (Elaine Hendrix) arrives on the scene and not all that anxious to leave the good life. Keywords:


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