Genre: Drama
Director: Fabrice Cazeneuve
Year: Y2002
Country: France
Language: French
Cast: Julien Baumgartner,Julia Maraval,Jeremie Elkaim,François Comar,Patrick Bonnel

Vincent (newcomer Julien Baumgartner) is an average high school boy, a good student, and a star swimmer. With his best friend Stéphane and his beautiful girlfriend Noémie, high school life couldn't be better for Vincent... until he meets Benjamin (COME UNDONE'S Jérémie Elkaïm). Vincent keeps crossing paths with the new student, until the two finally have a private moment. The next day, Vincent's idyllic life begins to crumble when the school is vandalized with graffiti labeling him a "fag." Keywords:Outing,High School,Swimmer,Friendship Between Boys,Jealousy,Gay Teenager


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