Genre: Romance, Drama
Director: Sam Mraovich
Year: Y2002
Country: USA
Language: English
Cast: Sam Mraovich,Jamie Brett Gabel,Michael Haboush,Bill Hindley,Julie Belknap

Arthur wants desperately to be married to his lover, complete with a legal certificate, while Ben (Jamie Brett Gabel) doesn’t see the need to drag law into it and is happy with the way things are. Arthur’s own brother, Victor, is a major obstacle to his plans: a religious fanatic obsessed with saving his brother from a sinful lifestyle. Just as the happy couple finally starts making progress with their wedding plans, Victor shows up with sin on his mind and a gun in his hand. Ready and willing to do whatever he thinks necessary, Victor pulls the trio into a dramatic chain of events that culminates in a showdown between the forces of religious conviction and the strength of a man in love. Keywords:Murder,Gay Rights,Robbery


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