Genre: Romance, Comedy
Director: Alfonso Albacete, David Menkes
Year: Y2001
Country: Spain
Language: Spanish
Cast: Jorge Sanz,Tiaré Scanda,Santiago Magill,Verónica Forqué,Marilyn Torres

In this delightful, irreverent romantic comedy, where boy meets boy who then meets girl and all become more confused than ever, sexually ambiguous Marcos arrives in Madrid looking for love. He soon meets a struggling actor named Daniel, and the two start a whirlwind romance. One night, the lovers head off to a local bar for a spot of karaoke. While dueting on “I Can't Take My Eyes Off You,” Marcos is struck, quite literally, by a falling disco ball. Recovering from this bizarre accident, he starts to question his newfound sexuality and begins to date the fiery female Marisol, who has had her eye on Marcos for awhile. Unable to be consoled, Daniel, in a moment of Boy George inspired behavior, dyes his hair, applies lipstick and frocks up, determined to win back the confused Marcos. Keywords:Amnesia


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