Genre: Romance, Adventure, Drama
Director: Jürgen Brüning
Year: Y2003
Country: Germany
Language: English , German , Portuguese
Cast: Hendrik Scheider,Aldri Anunciação,Tarik Qazi,Daniel Bätscher,Maria Lucia da Silva Ludwig

What happens when a bunch of talentless media whores get their hands on some cameras, a script so thin it could masquerade as pantyhose and a budget so tiny you'd need tweezers to pick it up? You get this, the latest trashy tele-novella from the producer of ‘Hustler White', ‘Skin Flick' and Bruce LaBruce's homo-revolution epic ‘Raspberry Reich'. Three German boys flee to Brazil for the summer. Dividing their time between running a pay-per-view porn site and snorkelling for tropical fish, they soon discover this idyllic locale is about to bring some nasty demons bubbling to the surface.



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